Suprathel – The Tempory Skin Webinar

Suprathel is a one-time application burn dressing for the treatment of scolds, particle and deep partial  burn wounds and other large areas of skin loss, such as TENS.  Suprathel has three main actions for rapid burn wound healing;

Pain relief – once applied only the outer dressing requires changing

Wound healing – made from polylactic acid – lactates stimulate the wound healing process by supporting angiogenesis and the re-building of the dermis.

Fluid management – Suprathel with its extremely small pore sizes which reduce over time, control the fluid balance in burn patients, similar to actual human skin.

Dr Herbert Halle is a reknown burns surgeon from Berlin and Austria and has used Suprathel in hundreds of patients since 2004.  Hear his excellent webinar presentation and Q&A’s via clicking this link and registering

For more information, please contact our office or visit our website pages on our burns portfolio


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