Powered Dermatomes and Skin Graft Meshers

Powered  and manual Dermatome and Skin Graft Mesher

Eurosurgical are the exclusive UK supplier for the excellent range of surgical equipment designed and manufactured by Humeca BV (The Netherlands).  This now includes a NEW range of manual Dermatome knives as well as the Battery powered dermatomes and skin graft Mesher.  These  are designed to assist in the treatment of burns and skin reconstruction and the harvesting of skin grafts. These devices are used in the operating theatre.  The Power driven D80 and D42 Dermatome,  to harvest donor (autologous) split-thickness skin grafts that can be used as replacement skin for patients with areas of excised burns wounds, skin excisions (such as removal of skin cancer) and in other skin loss areas.

Manual Dermatomes, such as Watson Knife, Humby Knife, Cobbett and Silver knives are used to harvest donor site skin or for removal of (debridement) skin is necrotic or damaged.

The D80 and D42 power driven Dermatomes are designed for optimal performance in the removal of split-thickness skin grafts (STSG).  With speeds of up to 7000RPM the battery power driven motor of the Dermatomes provides excellent, clean and consistent cutting of skin grafts.  Lithium-Ion re-chargeable battery powered, require no cumbersome air hose cables or electrical leads are required, making the maneuverability of the dermatome ideal for surgeons.  Sterile single-use blades with double cutting edges which can be fitted either way up, make this a safe Powered Dermatome.  For more information Visit https://www.eurosurgical.co.uk/wound-care-burns/humeca/humeca-dermatomes-and-blades/

The Humeca range includes the unique MEEK skin graft Mesher system.  MEEK is a technique of skin grafting first developed in the late 1950’s and improved upon in the 1990’s.  Using expandable gauzes, that increase the size of harvested donor skin to ratios up to 1:9.  MEEK is ideal in patients with extensive burn injuries or in patients where donor-site skin grafts can be a cause of increase morbidity.  More information on MEEK can be found at https://www.eurosurgical.co.uk/wound-care-burns/humeca/humeca-meek-system/

  • MEEK Skin Graft Mesher system
  • Powered Dermatomes D80 and D42
  • Skin Graft Mesher for the expansion of skin grafts
  • Dermatome Blades – sterile and single-use.
  • Skin Graft Carriers (compatible with all leading suppliers)
  • Skin Stretcher
  • Sober Knife

For more information, clinical publications and instructional videos on the Humeca range, visit https://humeca.com/