Breast Reduction Compression Device

Sterile, single-use Breast Reduction Compression Device

A wide variety of surgical techniques used for breast reduction or mastopexy, require pre-operative marking out of the area to be excised requires and approximated.   To assist with the markings of anatomical area, the medial axis, the upper limit of the breast, the width of excision medially and lateral, can be helped by the use of the sterile, BRCD.

The Breast Reduction Compression Device consists of an adjustable nylon strap that is encased in soft silicone tubing.  The silicone tubing prevents the strap from slipping out of place while minimizing stress on the underlying tissues.  Wrap the BRCD around the base of the breast and put the band into a loop.  Tighten the loop around the breast by contracting the band.  To release the BRCD, pull back the small plastic tab at the closure head.

BRCD tie and lock


BRCD Standard for 500-800g breast reduction; Dimensions; 1.5 x 50cm

BRCD XL for breast reductions up to 1300g;  Dimensions; 1.5 x 70cm