Surfasoft is a wound dressing specifically made for skin graft fixation and ideal for fixing Split Thickness Skin Grafts (STSG) in difficult areas, such as head and neck, back’s and buttocks in adults and children.

Made from a monofilament woven polyamide thread. Quick and easy to apply. Its unique design and pore size allows for two way exchange of gases and fluids as exudates passes through to the absorbent dressing pack above and allows for anti-bacterial properties from outer dressings to reach the STSG.  Surfasoft also enables practitioners to inspection the skin graft without the need to disturb the wound site.  Surfasoft is non-adherent and can easily be removed as the wound area heals with time.  An excellent dressing to apply over all STSG and in particular over Matriderm (dermal substitute) with a STSG, as skin graft shear is reduced.

Furthermore, SurfaSoft is used as an intermediate layer in Negative Pressure Therapy (Vacuum Therapy) between woundbed and foam. It prevents damaging of new tissue by taking  the foam out of the woundbed.

CE Marked and sterile, available in boxes of 5 and 25 sheets, size 20 x 33cm