Vacuum Curettes and Collection Sets for Gynaecology

Wide Range of Rigid, straight, flexible vacuum curettes / cannula and Collection (suction) sets.

Now Available through NHS Supply Chain with NPC codes.

Eurosurgical offer a wide range of high quality, sterile, single-use vacuum curettes.  Available in Rigid Curved, Rigid straight and Flexible in a wide range of sizes.  Each curette is made of a high strenght material with thin walls to allow for maximum suction and minimum dilation.

Rigid Curved Curettes

022106 6mm (25/Pack)  NPC Code FGR956
022107 7mm (25/Pack)  NPC code FGR952
022108 8mm (25/Pack)  NPC Code FGR962
022109 9mm (25/Pack)
022110 10mm (25/Pack)   NPC code FGR951
022111 11mm (25/Pack)   NPC Code FGR964
022112 12mm (25/Pack)   NPC code FGR967
022113 13mm – 3/8″ Base (25/Pack)
022114 14mm – ½” Base (25/Pack)
022144 14mm – ½” Base w/Adapter (25/Pack)
022145 14mm – 3/8″ Base (25/Pack)
022115 15mm – ½” Base (25/Pack)
022116 16mm – ½” Base (25/Pack)

Rigid Straight Curettes

022206 6mm (25/Pack)
022207 7mm (25/Pack)
022208 8mm (25/Pack)  NPC code FGR965
022209 9mm (25/Pack)
022210 10mm (25/Pack)  NPC code FGR958
022211 11mm (25/Pack)  NPC Code FGR963
022212 12mm (25/Pack)  NPC code FGR967
022213 13mm – 3/8″ Base (25/Pack)
022214 14mm – ½” Base (25/Pack)
022244 14mm – ½” Base w/Adapter
022245 14mm – 3/8″ Base (25/Pack)
022215 15mm – ½” Base (25/Pack)
022216 16mm – ½” Base (25/Pack)

Flexible Curette with Dual Port

022004 4mm (25/Pack)
022005 5mm (25/Pack)
022006 6mm (25/Pack)
022007 7mm (25/Pack)
022008 8mm (25/Pack)
022009 9mm (25/Pack)
022010 10mm (25/Pack)
022011 11mm (25/Pack)
022012 12mm (25/Pack)

Collection Sets, suction systems, liners and other accessories.

Sterile, single-use Collection sets are made from high quality materials, 6″ (15.24cm) tubing, attached to a control handle and “slip ring” to allow for finger-tip control.  Packaged separately with male or female attachments.

022301-WO    3/8″ (0.96cm) Collection set with handle (without adaptor) NPC code FGR968 box/25

022301-50      3/8″ (0.96cm) Collection set with handle. 25/pack