For serious fat collectors!

Aquavage™ is an easy to use,  sterile single-use, closed system for fat harvesting high volumes of fat ready for reinjection, without centrifuge and without unnecessary transportation from sterile to unsterile theatre areas.   Aquavage™ is available in a 1,2 or 2 liter containers, which can be connected in-line with any aspiration pump or wall suction (see Hospivac 400 in our liposuction page).


Fat can be harvested using a conventional liposuction cannula at reduced flow volumes (500mm Hg). The Aquavage™ container separates the fat and fluids which allows the surgeon to remove first the fluid portion and then the fat cells from the container via a sterile and closed method, thereby reducing any contaminants. Fat is decanted from the bottom of the Aquavage™ system into lure lock syringes ready to be injected straight back to the patient – no need for centrifuge or movement from the sterile field to a non-sterile spinning system.

Here are a few key points regarding our product:

  • Fast and Trouble Free
  • Closed, Disposable Sterile System
  • Separates Fat Automatically
  • Works with any controlled aspirator
  • No Clogging, even in high fibrous tissue
  • CE Marked & FDA Approved
  • Fill Aquavage™ container with 400ml saline prior to use.

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