For serious fat collectors!

Aquavage is a sterile, single-use, closed system for high volume fat harvesting. Aquavage is available in 1 or 2 liter containers, which can be connected in-line with any aspiration pump (see Hospivac 400 in our liposuction page).


The fat is harvested using a conventional liposuction cannula at reduced flow volumes (500mm Hg). The Aquavage container separates the fat and fluids which allows the surgeon to remove first the fluid portion and then the fat cells from the container via a sterile and closed method, thereby reducing any contaminants. Fat is decanted from the bottom of the Aquavage system and can be injected straight back to the patient – no need for centrifuge or movement from the sterile field to a non-sterile spinning system.

Here are a few key points regarding our product:

  • Fast and Trouble Free
  • Closed, Disposable Sterile System
  • Separates Fat Automatically
  • Works with any controlled aspirator
  • No Clogging, even in high fibrous tissue
  • CE Marked & FDA Appoved
  • Fill Aquavage container with 400ml saline prior to use.

Aquavage Information
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