Retract Micro-Dissection Needle Diathermy Pencil

Micro-Dissection Needle Diathermy Pencil with safety “retractable” needle.

Safety and precision in surgery.

Retract is a unique diathermy pencil / surgical tool to assist with very fine and delicate dissection of tissues in the operating theatre.  Retract features the excellent Prima Medical Group Cotswold tungsten micro-dissection needle in a diathermy pencil with a “retractable” needle point.

Cotswold Micro-dissection needle electrodes are used in a wide variety of surgical procedures, such as neuro, spinal, plastic & reconstructive, ENT and Maxilla-Facial surgery.  The VERY sharp point of the tungsten needle allows for precision thermal ablation and dissection of tissues are reduced temperature and lower co-lateral damage.  However, by its design, the VERY sharp needle-point is also a major cause of accidental needle-stick injuries in the operating theatre.  Not only is the Cotswold needle very sharp, but it is also likely to be very hot.  For more information on needle stick injuries and what to do in the event, read

Retract is the worlds first Diathermy pencil designed with safety in mind.  With Retract, the needle point is pushed forward by “clicking” the button at the cable attachment of the pencil.  One click brings the Cotswold needle forward so that 7mm is exposed.  Two clicks brings the tip forward to 14mm.

A further click brings the Cotswold needle back inside the body of the pencil.

This safety feature allows surgeons to remove the potentially harmful sharp needle from the operating field.  Thus removing the chance of an accidental needle-stick injury for the patient or the operating theatre staff.  Don’t allow accidental needle-stick injury in your operating theatre, insist on using Retract.

Diathermy pencil, that “feels” like a pencil.

Retract Micro-dissection needle finger-switch

An additional feature of the Retract diathermy pencil, is that the finger-switch buttons are placed near the front of the pencil – thus giving the surgeon more control.  As Retract features Micro-Dissection needle tips for fine and delicate surgical dissection, this feature allows surgeons to control the tip of the Retract pencil even better – as if holding ones own pen or pencil when operating.

Cotswold Micro-dissection range from Prima Medical

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