Implantech Facial Implants

Silicone Elastomer & PTFE coated Facial Implants

Since 1989, Implantech has manufactured a complete line of sterile silicone facial implants designed by some of today’s leading aesthetic surgeons. We are also your source for composite implants consisting of flexible silicone fully encased in ePTFE material.

We proudly maintain FDA, ISO-9001, EN-46001 and CE certifications — your assurance that each and every one of our implants is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Implantech offers almost 200 sizes and shapes, in stock and ready to ship. We also provide custom implants for ideal facial and soft-tissue contouring solutions. Ancillary products include ePTFE sheeting, smoke aspiration tips, anti-clog suction tubes, periosteal elevators and free technique videos.

Implantech facial implantsMalar conform implant

Silicone elastomer facial implants. Chin and Mandibular Implants. Malar, Submalar and Midfacial range.

Facial implants available with Soft and Flexible silicone elastomer etching. A range of Composite™ Facial Implants also available, with silicone elastomer covered with a Eptfe-coat.

Designs available:

Chin & Mandibular

Chin implant

Which Chin to use from the Implantech range?

Implantech have designed  Chin sizing chart 

To make your selection of Chin Implant easier and more understandable. The wide range of silicone elastomer Chin implants are designed with the patient in mind, whether it is male or female, requires a vertical and / or horizontal chin extentsion, whether the chin and mandible requires enhancement.  All of these are catered for in the Implantech range and more.  Implants are available in both silicone and ePTFE silicone covered implants.

Conform™ and Extended Chin; Terino extended chin; Flowers Mandibular; Glasgold Wafer™ chin; Mittleman Pre-Jowl; Terino Square Chin; Curvilinear Chin; Taylor Mandibular angle; Binder Submalar.

Malar, Submalar and Midfacial
  • Conform Terino Malar
  • Terino Malar
  • Combined Submalar
  • Flowers tear tough
  • Terino Malar Shell
Nasal Implants
  • Flowers Dorsal Nasal
  • Rizzo Dorsal
  • Brink Peri-Pyriform
  • Voloshin Dorsal Columella
  • Shirakabe Nasal
  • Also available are Silicone Blocks (non-sterile) for carving
  • Periosteal Elevators
  • SE-100 Smoke Aspiration Tip (fits with all leading manufacturers of hand-switching mono-polar diathermy pencilettes.

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