St’Rim Macro Kit Ref PICS3523-2

Fat Harvesting Kit for breast / gluteal / calf / abdomen – contains;

  • Fat harvesting cannula, with 18 precision ports (holes) to harvest macro-fat particles, 3.5 x 220mm with special hub that is both Luer Lock AND can be connected to liposuction handle (Ref Manche)
  • Fillin cannula F9027150 injection cannula 2.7 x 150mm luer lock hub
  • Fillin cannula F9020150 injection cannula 2.0 x 150mm luer lock hub
  • Fillin cannula F9015070 injection cannula 1.5 x 100mm luer lock hub
  • Incision needle 1.4 x 70 – pre-cannula introducer

St’Rim Micro Kit Ref PICS2130-2

Fat Harvesting kit for Micro-fat, ideal for facial and sub-dermal injections – contains;

  • Fat harvesting cannula, with 8 ports (4 tip holes each side) specifically designed to harvest micro-fat particles, 2.0 x 130mm with luer lock hub.
  • Filling cannula F9008040 micro-injection cannula 0.8 (21g) x 40mm luer lock
  • Fillin cannula F9008060 micro-injection cannula 0.8 (21g) x 60mm luer lock
  • Fillin cannula F901090 micro-injection cannula 1.0 (18g) x 50mm luer lock
  • Incision needle 0.8 (21g) x 40mm
  • Incision needle 2.0 (14g) x 40mm

All kits are CE Marked, made in France with precision diamond cutting port / holes for precise fat harvesting.  All cannula are made using highest quality Japanese stainless steel throughout – right to the end of the hub – so that NO plastic is in contact with the fat at any point of harvesting or injection.

For more information download our 2020 Liposuction and Lipo-modelling catalogue here; 24Pg Body Contouring Catalogue – V5

For a more details description, images and information on St’Rim kits, visit;

St'Rim Micro Fat Harvesting kit, with harvesting and injection cannula for small volume, micro and nanofat, ideal for facial filling
St'Rim Macro Fat Harvesting kit, with harvesting and injection cannula for larger volume grafting, ideal for breast, trunk etc

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