Fat Injection Cannula & Accessories

Single-use range of fat re-injection cannula and accessories.

Lipofilling kits – single-use

A range of single-use complete Lipofilling kits that are sterile, single-use and available as “kits” that can be used by surgeons to harvest fat and use for fat grafting, with or without a centrifuge, are available.  The Lipofilling kits are packaged and supplied separately and available in 8 versions (flavours), with slight variations of cannula, syringes, bunges, transfer adaptors, infiltration cannula and needles – depending on the kit selected

KLF000 is designed for fine facial lipo-filling; containing a fine 8 hole cannula for harvesting, 2,1mm∅ and 130mm length; and 2 Micro reinjection cannula 0.8mm ∅ 40mm length and 1 side exit hole, along with luer lock to luer adaptors to transfer fat from 10ml to 1ml syringes.

KLF003 is designed for more general lipo-filling procedures and contains;  Infiltration cannula 2,5mm∅ x 150mm length with 10 holes; Cannula for fat harvesting 3mm ∅ x 150mm with 4 holes (CP30154H) ; Cannula for fat reinjection 1,45mm ∅ x 70mm (CF14790);  Injection cannula 1,25mm ∅ x 70mm (CF12790) and the following additional accessories; 10ml syringes, 1ml syringes, 4 caps, transfer adaptors and needles.

Other single-use Lipofilling kits contain variations of the above.