Fat Harvesting and Fat injection Cannula

Fat Harvesting Cannula – sterile, single-use or reusable

CP30154H-BIG  CP141253HS CP141256HMP

A wide range of Fat Harvesting cannula is available to purchase either as sterile, single-use or reusable. All cannula are made of polished steel, both externally and internal – which has enormous benefit for the patient and the fat collected.  The smooth polished steel reduces skin friction and damage to the skin and the internal polished steel reduces the occurrence of blocking and fat drag that can also damages the injected fat.

Fat harvesting cannula are available in a wide range of tip styles, lengths, widths.  The tip ports / hole will determine the size of fat harvested, the wider the port/hole – the larger the fat particles collected.  The width of the cannula does NOT determine the size of fat harvested and it should be remembered that a standard Luer Lock connection is 2.5mm wide.  As a luer lock syringe is likely to be used during the harvesting and injection process – 2.5mm is the width of the port on most syringes.

All fat Harvest cannula are fitted with a Luer Lock mount that can be attached to all luer lock syringes.  The range includes variations of tip styles, length and width of cannula.

Fat Injection Cannula – sterile, single-use or reusable

Micro-injection cannula

Fat injection cannula are available as either sterile, single-use or reusable.  The sterile, single-use injection cannula are stainless steel cannula with plastic luer lock hubs, although the stainless steel runs through the the end of the plastic hub so as to avoid possible plastic extrusion contamination. Reusable injection cannula are stainless steel throughout including hubs.

The range is determined by the size of the fat injected, so that Micro-Fat injection cannula are designed to inject micro or even Nano-fat.  Range starts from 21g (0.8mm) for Micro / nano fat.  For larger macro-fat injection, suitable for breast, buttock, calf and other body contour areas, fat injection cannula are wider and longer – such as 14g (2.0mm) and up to 220mm length.

Download the Eurosurgical 2020 Liposuction and Fat grafting Catalogue here 24Pg Body Contouring Catalogue – V5