Fibre-Optic Light Cables


Fibre-optic light Cables available in a wide variety of colours, bundle widths and lengths, ideal for ALL operating theatre light source connections.

Endoscopic and Instrument Light Cables – Universal/Dedicated

Surgical fibre-optic cables are designed to deliver maximum light when coupled to a medical grade fibre-optic light-source. They are compatible with virtually all endoscopes, medical instruments, and microscopes. Cables can be manufactured with bundle diameters ranging from 3.0 mm to 5.0 mm to match the bundle of the instrument being used to provide optimal lighting. We offer eight different opaque colours of medical grade silicone sheathing so that each department can have its own unique identifier. All of our endoscopic cables are hermetically sealed and are compatible with EU regulations for automated decontamination and sterilisation processes (HTM-01-01).

Endoscopic Cables – Universal Style

Sunoptics Surgical Universal cables can be used with various adapters according to the light- source and instrument that is to be used for a procedure. Each end of the cable has to be fitted with a thread on adapter to properly function. This gives the versatility of creating a custom cable by simply changing the adapters on each end.

Light source Adapters

Additional Adapters Available:


If you require help with the selection of a dedicated light cable (where the connection to the instrument end and light source end are “fixed”) or in the selection of a universal cable – where the ends are fitted with the appropriate adapter that fits with your current equipment – please contact our office via our customer service email;