Fat Grafting, Lipo-modeling and Body contouring

Fat Grafting injection Cannula (Coleman style)

Coleman fat grafting cannula Fat injection cannula 90 degree

Dr Sydney Coleman MD described his technique for fat grafting in 1987 in which he indicates using a centrifuge to separate fat and fluid layers.  He also describes a range of fat harvesting cannula and fat injection cannula used to prepare patients own autologous adipose cells.

Eurosurgical offer a wide range of cannula for fat harvesting and injection with a variety of tip styles, cannula length and width.  Whether you ascribe to the original Coleman technique or any of the newer adapted lipo-modelling practices, you will find all that you require in our range.  All cannula feature a blunt tip to reduce trauma to the recipient site and allow for accurate placement of the grafted fat.  All cannula are made from polished steel internally to reduce friction and prevent blocking and clogging of cannula.  All cannula are fitted to a luer-lock hub for easy connection to standard luer-lock syringes.

The wide range of fat injection cannula are designed for specific areas of the entire body.  These are selected depending on the “type” of fat that is being injected – whether that is MacroFat – for body, breast and gluteal filling or Nanofat – for superficial sub-dermal plains using a cannula from our Micro-cannula range.

Micro-Cannula for dermal fillers, fat and botulinum toxin

Micro cannula for fillers and fat

Micro-cannula for injection of dermal fillers, botox and fat (autologous adipose cells) are available in a range of length and from 30 G (0.31mm ∅) to 18 G (1,24mm ∅).   Package sterile and single-use in individual double-wrapped packaging, in a box of 20 per size, with colour co-ordinated luer lock hubs to connect to all syringes with luer lock.  Designed to reduce bruising and hematoma during aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.

Fat Grafting and Lipo-Modelling Accessories

Syringe racks

Re-useable stainless steel syringe racks are available;

  • 6 x 3 Syringe Rack  holds 1ml -10ml syringes re-order code POR6383
  • 6 x 3 Syringe Rack holds 1ml – 50ml syringes re-order code POR36113
  • Sterile single-use flat packed syringe rack 24 hole – re-order code SRFT2425

Syringe Locks


Syringe Stop Lock for 60ml and 10ml syringes (re-useable)

Designed to reduce finger fatigue whilst holding the suction open for harvesting fat through a syringe.  These syringe locks are available to fit the plunger of BD and other plastic syringes, or to act as a “lock” by twisting to the hub of the syringe.

  • 1280-TL60cc – 60ml Toomey and bladder syringe
  • 1290-TL10cc – 10ml and 20ml luer lock syringe

or sterile, single-use Syringe stop that sits internally into the syringe piston available in

  • ST10 for 10cc syringes
  • ST50 for 50/60cc syringe

Centrifuge for Fat Grafting – This device is NOT CE Marked

Coleman centrifuge

CES-10 variable speed, time adjustable medical centrifuge for use with fat harvesting preparation and Platelet Rich Plasma.  Can be used in the doctors office or in the operating theatre.  The new CES-10 comes with a locking lid and 8 metal syringe holders / tubes – that are designed to hold 10ml BD luer lock syringes.  The syringe tubes are autoclavable.  Mains powered and fitted with noise and vibration reducing pads.

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New Body Contouring & Lipofilling catalogue 2020 24Pg Body Contouring Catalogue – V5