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Lipo-Modelling / Fat Grafting equipment

Single-use range of Fat harvesting and fat re-injection cannula and accessories.

Lipofilling kits – single-use


A range of single-use complete Lipofilling kits that are sterile, single-use and available as “kits” that can be used by surgeons to harvest fat and use for fat grafting, with or without a centrifuge, are available.  The Lipofilling kits are packaged and supplied separately and available in 8 versions (flavours), with slight variations of cannula, syringes, bunges, transfer adaptors, infiltration cannula and needles – depending on the kit selected. 

KLF000 is designed for fine facial lipo-filling; containing a fine 8 hole cannula for harvesting, 2,1mm∅ and 130mm length; and 2 Micro reinjection cannula 0.8mm ∅ 40mm length and 1 side exit hole, along with luer lock to luer adaptors to transfer fat from 10ml to 1ml syringes. 

KLF003 is designed for more general lipo-filling procedures and contains;  Infiltration cannula 2,5mm∅ x 150mm length with 10 holes; Cannula for fat harvesting 3mm ∅ x 150mm with 4 holes (CP30154H) ; Cannula for fat reinjection 1,45mm ∅ x 70mm (CF14790);  Injection cannula 1,25mm ∅ x 70mm (CF12790) and the following additional accessories; 10ml syringes, 1ml syringes, 4 caps, transfer adaptors and needles.

Other Single-use Lipofilling kits contain variations of the above.  Full information in the Catalogue which can be downloaded below.

Fat Harvesting Cannula

CP30154H-BIG  CP141253HS CP141256HMP

A wide range of Fat Harvesting cannula is available to purchase separately (box of 10).  All cannula are made of polished steel, both externally and internal – which has enormous benefit for the patient and the fat collected.  The smooth polished steel reduces skin friction and damage to the skin and the internal polished steel reduces the occurance of blocking and fat drag that also damages the fat.

All fat Harvest cannula are fitted with a Luer Lock mount that can be attached to all luer lock syringes.  The range includes variations of tip styles, length and width of cannula.

Fat Re-injection Cannula

Canule MicroLipoTransfert 005 copie CF301590

A wide range of cannula for Fat injection is available with a variety of tip styles, cannula length and width.  All feature a blunt tip to reduce trauma to the recipient site and allow for accurate placement of the grafted fat.  All cannula are made from polished steel to reduce the blocking and clogging of cannula and fitted with a luer lock hub.  Fat injection cannula range from 0.90mm ∅ wide / 20 G to 4.00mm ∅ and 190mm length. 

Flexible Micro-Cannula for fillers and fat


Micro-cannula for injection of dermal fillers and fat from 30 G (0.31mm ∅) to 18 G (1,24mm ∅) are available in a variety of lengths.   Package sterile and single-use in individual double-wrapped packaging, in a box of 20 per size, with colour co-ordinated luer lock hubs to connect to all syringes with luer lock.

Lipo-Modelling Accessories

portoirPlastique SupportSeringues 004

Syringe Holding Racks

Sterile, single-use syringe rack for 6 syringes size 1ml – 10ml

Code LX54300 Box of 10

Re-useable stainless steel syringe racks are available;

4 x 6 Syringe Rack  holds 1ml -10ml syringes

4 x 12 Syringe Rack holds 1ml – 10ml syringes

3 x 4 Syringe Rack holds 50ml syringes

Syringe Locks


Syringe Stop Lock for 60ml and 10ml syringes (re-useable)



or sterile, single-use Syringe stop that sits internally into the syringe piston available in

ST10 for 10cc syringes

ST50 for 50/60cc syringe

Centrifuge for Fat Grafting and PRP kits

new centri

CSE10 variable speed, time adjustable medical centrifuge for use with fat harvesting preparation and Platelet Rich Plasma.  Can you used in the doctors office or in the operating theatre.  The new CSE10 comes with a locking lid and 6 syringe holders / tubes – that are designed to hold syringes from 15ml to 1ml with reducers.  The syringe tubes and rotorary holder are autoclavable.  Mains powered and fitted with noise and vibration reducing pads.

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Aesthetic /INEX catalogue 2013