WISAP Cold Coagulator

WISAP Cervix Coagulator, Probes and Cable

WISAP Cold Coagulation is the original and best known low temperature thermal device which has a proven track record of treating cervical lesion’s for over 30 years.  It is an economic and versatile platform for treatments in the gynae and colposcopy outpatient settings, and remains the world’s leading Cold Coagulation device, used to treat a range of cervical conditions.  Cold Coagulation is ideal for treatment of cervical warts, skin tags and bleeding as well as a treatment for abnormal cells associated with CIN1-3 (cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia).  The Cold Coagulator works by heating the probe to a temperature range from 60-120°C, with direct placement of the probe to the area to be treated.  Used in connection with a wide range of therapy probes 6002-6012, for endo and ecto cervical treatments.


A wide selection of WISAP Cold Coagulator probes are available to use with the console.  Simple to attach and with full decontamination and sterilisation instructions compatible with HM1020 standards.

WISAP Probe Model AModel A Ref 6002; For large area erythro and leucoplakia

WISAP Cold Coagulation probe model BModel B Ref 6003;  For ectopies at dehiscent cervical os

WISAP Cold coagulation probe Model GModel G Ref 6008; For ectopies at dehiscent cervical os

WISAP Cold Coagulation probe model HModel H Ref 6009;  For wounds of conisation

For a full list of Probe styles and descriptions, service contracts and warranty for the device, cable and probes – please contact Eurosurgical https://www.eurosurgical.co.uk/contact/

For more information on the WISAP Cold Coagulator visit  Wisap https://www.thermo-coagulation.com/