Non-stick Teflon coated Diathermy finger-switch Pencil

Monopolar diathermy finger-switch pencil

Prima Medical monopolar electrosurgery diathermy finger-switch pencils with push button controls for Cut and Coagulation.  Order ref PMS252 and PMS254 are the best example of what the ideal Monopolar diathermy pencil should be.  A high quality, ergonomic and easy to hold diathermy pencil, complete with a quality non-stick, teflon coated electro-surgical blade.

Why buy a cheap monopolar diathermy pencil and throw away the tip!!!!

For the NHS to become carbon neutral by 2045 it must reduce clinical waste, which given that so much of medical devices are single-use – is a difficult task.  One easy to adapt method, would be to use a diathermy finger-switch with the electrode that the surgeons requires, rather than throwing the electrode tip away as soon as the package is open.

Economic, environmental, No Waste, Less pollution and probably less costly!

PMS252     Monopolar diathermy finger-switch Pencil with Non-stick Blade

PMS254     Monopolar diathemy finger-switch Pencil with guarded Non-stick blade

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