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TIGR Mesh for Breast and Abdominal Wall Reconstruction


TIGR® matrix – Longterm Resorbable 100% Synthetic Mesh (non-animal)

TIGR Matrix Surgical Mesh is the world’s 1st long-term resorbable 100% synthetic matrix.  It is warp knitted from two different resorbable fibers that degrade at different rates following implantation.
TIGR Matrix was developed based on the hypothesis that soft tissue positively remodels in response to the stimulus of increased mechanical load. It is strong for 6-9 months and gone in 3 years.

TIGR degrade

The Ideal Matrix should be ………Strong, rigid turing flexible as it mattures

The ideal Dermal or synthetic matrix for use in Abdominal Wall Repair (AWR), Breast Reconstruction or Breast augmentation / mastopexy / support / sling procedure, should be ready to use (without long lasting washing process) mouldable, but still mechanically stable, should not cause allergic, immunologic or toxic reaction and should rapidly integrate into the tissue.  The cost of the matrix should also be a consideration, as hospitals and insurance providers will increasingly look for proof and cost effectiveness in the future.

Mode of Action

The first fibre is a copolymer of glycolide lactice and trimethylene carbonate. The second fibre is a copolymer of lattide and trimethylene carbonate. Both fibres degrade by bulk hydrolysis once implanted, unlike ADM’s which are enzymatically digested.  This has the benefit of being predicable in humans, whereas the breakdown of proteins associated with animal tissue is very dependant on the host.   This unique patented dual-fibre design provides an initial high strength / high stability configuration, with gradually increasing mechanical compliance over time – allowing for tissue expansion – as the device loses strength and is fully resorbed at 3 years.

After an initial 2 week healing phase the increasing mechanical compliance results in a gradual transition of load from the mesh to the patient. The macroporous structure (pore size 1-1,5mm) is designed to permit tissue integration for tissue repair.

TIGR clinica1

TIGR Matrix at 4 months post implantation, both fibres integrated leaving a collagen structure approx. 4-6mm deep, with no remaining mesh and ample new  re-inforcement. TIGR clinical2

TIGR Matrix at 12 months post implantation – fast fibre “gone” and slow fibre aiding tissue integration.  TIGR is an ideal mesh for Prepectoral breast reconstruction after skin sparring mastectomy.  The sizes of the TIGR Mesh can be used to overlay a breast implant, even creating some “designed” ptosis by fixing the sutures under the bottom edge of the implat and over the entire device.  Over 12 months the TIGR Mesh is replaced by host tissue to create a soft, flexible layer of collagen over the implant.

Available in 3 sizes;

TIGR Matrix 10 x 15 cm  NSTM1015E

TIGR Matrix 15 x 20 cm  NSTM1520E

TIGR Matrix 20 x 30 cm  NSTM2030E

Clinical Publications

Schenk TIGR matrix in breast reconstruction Jan 16 2015

Todd J 2015 Case CoBra Conference poster