Pelnac Dermal Substitute

PELNAC™  the ideal dermal substitute.

The Dermal substitute that is robust, stable, infection resistant and affordable.  Turing split thickness skin grafts into a full thickness result.

PELNAC™ has been designed for use as a temporary dermal substitute matrix for all skin loss wounds that are partial thickness to deep dermis.  PELNAC™ is gradually replaced by host tissues as the atelocollagen structure is re-vascularized with fibroblasts and capillary infiltrates.  This usually occurs between 14-28 days, although this will depend on other patient and clinical factors.  The outer silicone layer can be easily separated from the atelocollagen matrix at this time and the vascularized wound bed can be covered with a thin split-thickness skin graft at this time, or left to heal by secondary intention.

PELNAC™ consists of two layers; a porcine tendon derived atelocollagen sponge layer, approximately 3mm in thickness and an outer reinforced silicone film layer.  PELNAC™ is prepared by freeze-drying and does not require pre-washing prior to use.  It can be stored at room temperature and is easy to use directly from the package or by pre-soaking in a small amount of sterile saline.  A wide range of sizes are available from 3 x 4cm up to 20 x 24cm.  The wide range of sizes helps reduce unnecessary wastage when using.

PELNAC™ is available in the following descriptions;

Fortified Type – a two layered material as described above, but with a stronger (4,5x) silicone film layer, that allows for suture or stable fixation of the Pelnac.

Fenestrated Type – a two layered material as described above and using the same silicone as the Fortified Type, but meshed, allowing for better wound conformity and drainage.  Excellent for large acute burns and other areas of skin loss or excision, such as Necrotizing fasciitis, TENS (toxic epidermal necrolysis syndrome) degloving injuries and areas of excessive exudate.

Single Layer Type – a single layer of collagen sponge, which can be covered with a split thickness skin graft immediately.  Can be applied  dry and moisten from above, conforms excellently to the wound bed.

Pelnac applied to knee joint of patient with necrotizing fasciitis, re-vascularised by day 16 ready for grafting.

Dermal substitute on knee

Sizes available in all types;

  • 40 x 30mm (Size SSS)
  • 60 x 60mm (Size SS)
  • 60 x 82mm (Size S)
  • 82 x 90mm (Size M)
  • 82 x 120mm (Size L)
  • 120 x 240mm (Size LL)
  • 200 x 240mm (Size LLL)

Pelnac Brochure is available to download – Eurosurgical – PELNAC Brohure 2016 small

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