Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) Kits

MVA – Manual Vacuum Aspiration for the management of miscarriages and TOP with local anesthetic.

Aspiration kits are an effective and suitable technique to managed evacuation of uterine cavity from 5-12 weeks gestation or for simultaneous endometrial curettage.  MVA can be carried out under local anesthetic, maybe carried out in Out-patient department (OPD) setting, which not only frees up valuable operating theatre space but saves money as well.

Manual Vacuum Aspiration kit (MVA)

MVA Kits – for endometrial cell sampling with curette / cannula

  • Ref 022514       Aspiration kit with 4mm cannula-curette  (Pack of 10)
  •        022515       Aspiration kit with 5mm cannula-curette  (Pack of 10)
  •        022516       Aspiration kit with 6mm cannula-curette  (Pack of 10)
  •        022517       Aspiration kit with 7mm cannula-curette   (Pack of 10)
  •        022511       Aspiration kit IV with 4, 5, 6, and 7mm cannula-curette    (Pack of 10)

Kits provided sterile and single-use.  CE marked and FDA Approved.

Sterile Double Valve Aspiration Kit

The sterile Double aspiration valve device (pictured in main image) is specifically used for rapid uterine aspiration / uterine evacuation in Gynaecology procedures.  The sterile single-use device with unique locking double valve system allows creation of vacuum of up to 610-660mm Hg pressure prior to the start of the procedure.  The double valve finger-tip control release the vacuum created with precision and immediately upon depression.  This reduces the incidence of “slow” gradual suction pressure, which can be a major source of uterine bleeding with inadequate vacuum.

Kits with Flexible Karmen Curettes and a wide range of rigid and straight cannula-curettes.  The white connection is coated with a fine layer of silicone spray with enables easy connection of curettes and assists with the initial creation of pressure inside the syringe.

Order Code; 022526  Double valve aspiration with 60ml syringe.  NPC code FGR279  Supplied Each (1)

Download for more information; MedGyn Aspiration Kit Double Valve – NEW