Nanofat and the power of fat as a filler

LipocubeAccording to Yuval Noah Harrari in his excellent book "Homo Deus", we can look to the future as homo sapiens strive to become amortal (at least for the well-off).  If we are starting down that route, then one of the first developments is the creation of successful regenerative and restorative methods to "cure" our aching joints, wounds and heart, rather than relying on straight forward replacements.  Maybe Lipocube and Nanocube are a first step in this direction?  Adipose fat is a very rich source of Stromal vascular fraction- or SVF (stem-cells), how to capture the SVF from fat in small concentrated forms is the next step to successfully harnessing this rich source of auto-restorative booster.  The creation of L-Nanocube, a sterilize single-use cube with internal cutting grids, allows practitioners to turn harvested macro-fat into smaller Micro and Nano-fat, which can be placed at appropriate levels of the dermis and sub-dermal planes where required for aesthetic rejuvenation.  See more information at


Lipocube SVF is the closest device developed  to date, that uses a 3-step process to capture adipose SVF in 20-30 minutes in the operating room, without having to send harvested fat to the laboratory and wait 7 days for enzymatic processed SVF.  Although Lipocube SVF produces about a third of the viable adipose SVF cells than the laboratory method, there is no waiting and no delay in the treatment.   In combination with other Regenerative methods also available from Eurosurgical – such as i-PRF (injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin) from blood and all 14 types of human tissues taken and disaggregation with the Rigenera Multi-Mesher device, the future of Regenerative treatments are already possible and happening now.

There are many clinical peer reviewed medical publications of the effectiveness of fat as a dermal or body filler.  Discussion relating to the best diameter cannula for fat harvesting and fat injection is less reported, however.  For further reading, an article that measures fat survival rates after harvesting and injection can be viewed here;

For more information on the Nanocube and Lipocube SVF device, how it is used and the best areas to treat, click here for more information;

For more information on ordering, please contact Eurosurgical.  Clinical papers and additional videos are available on our website.

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