Ideal hernia mesh, long-term resorbable

TIGR Matrix is the world's first synthetic mesh, made from two well known suture materials, that is both long-term support AND absorbable.  TIGR Matrix is strong when required and gone when not, making this a unique and ideal material for all types of hernia repair, complex abdominal wall repair and breast implant support surgery.

Long-term absorbable mesh

Traditionally permanent or non-absorbable synthetic meshes have been used for hernia repairs.  However in recent years long-term complications associated with the use of these types of meshes have been increasingly reported.  A BBC show presented by Victoria Derbyshire highlighted the problem in 2018 in which many patients with non-absorbable meshes complained and relayed their stories and complications.  This provoked a response from the Royal Collage of Surgeons defending the use of meshes,

The use of surgical mesh (non-absorbable) for stress urinary incontinence was banned in the UK in 2018 after hundreds of reports of complications for pain, infection, inflammation, loss of sexual activity and mobility problems was investigated by the MHRA.

TIGR Matrix was developed by the Swedish company Novus Scientific in the early noughties and first placed onto the market in the USA and Europe in 2012.  Made from well known suture materials, used since the 1970’s, its unique technology is dual-stage degradation and full absorption.  TIGR Matrix rapidly integrates into the surrounding tissues by deposition of new collagen and the formation of new blood vessels, as the first of the two fibers begins to breakdown and absorbs.  The remaining fiber remains strong for up to 9 months, until the hosts tissues have become fully integrated and formed a strong capsule material.  TIGR Matrix is fully resorbed by 36 months and replaced by a well-structured collagen layer.

TIGR Matrix is ideal for breast surgery, such as breast reconstruction, mastopexy (or lifting of the breast) secondary breast augments and other breast complications.  The breast is “soft tissue” and requires a material that will support and stabilize the implant or tissues when required, but is completed gone and is not a hinderance to future detection – such as mammogram screen, when not.  TIGR Matrix has been associated with very low complication rates in breast surgery in many studies across Europe.  A full list of current publications can be accessed via the company website;

TIGR Matrix is now also being used increasingly for complex hernia repairs, particularly in younger patients and women of child bearing age.  Placement of non-absorbable meshes in these patients is considered “high risk” and therefore worth the extra cost associated with a long-term resorbable matrix.  Knowing all the risks and complications of non-absorbable meshes, would other patients prefer to be offered a long-term resorbable mesh?

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