Available Now – Eurosurgical’s New Facial Surgery Brochure

A comprehensive guide to all our innovative products covering:

PELNAC Artificial Dermis :- consists of two layers; a porcine tendon-derived atelocollagen sponge layer and silicone film. It is suitable for use in full-thickness skin defect wounds and used as alternative materials for traditional treatment for the formation of new dermis-like tissue by invasion of fibroblasts into the atelocollagen sponge matrix.

Implantech Facial Implants  :-  Conform Extended Anatomical Chin, Extended Anatomical Chin, Terino Extended Anatomical Chin & Square Chin, Conform Binder Submalar & ePTFE-Coated Extended Anatomical Chin

Neoveil – Mucosal Template :- Usable all over the human body for Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgery, ESD (Endoscopic submucosal dissection), ENT, Oral & Maxillofacial surgery, Thoracic surgery

Lipofilling Fat Harvesting, Injection Cannula & Lipocube :- Cannulas specifically designed to perform an accurate fat sizing during harvesting thanks to our patented diamond-shaped ports with 360°cutting edges. Nanocube “All in one” Fat Grafting 4 ports for small volume fat grafting procedures.

Retract Micro Dissection Needle :-  Retract is a small scale fingerswitch that contains an ultra sharp tungsten needle. The considered ergonomics of the device offers a greater level of accuracy in microsurgical procedures, especially when working around the eyes.

Supervac – Telescopic Smoke Evacuation Fingerswitch :-  Supervac has been specifically designed to meet the demands of surgeons. It is slimline, lightweight and offers optimal visualisation, even when working in cavities and areas of restricted vision.

Cotswold – Tungsten Micro dissection needles :- Cotswold microdissection needles offer improved cutting and coagulation performance, whilst minimising thermal spread, offering the surgeon the precision required for exceptionally fine dissection in a wide variety of procedures.


Full Brochure available HERE     Facial Surgery Brochure 2024

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