Diathermy Smoke Evacuation recommended use by Royal College of Surgeons UK

Eurosurgical already supply the excellent SuperVac diathermy pencil with a variety of tips (non-stick, non-stick guarded and micro-dissection needle point).  SuperVac was designed with the end-user in mind, a diathermy pencil that the surgeon will use - ergonomic design, lite-weight, flexible tubing and sliding finger-switch, which means no need for extension tips even when operating at distances.   For more information visit our page https://www.eurosurgical.co.uk/electrosurgery/supervac-telescopic-smoke-evacuation-pencil/

Diathermy forceps with smoke evacuation

In addition  – we recognize that NOT all surgeons want to use a diathermy pencil whilst operating, many still prefer or require a forceps – monopolar or bipolar.  These both produce surgical smoke and in many instances, particularly with monopolar forceps – even more smoke than a standard pencil.  So we have released both MacroSeal – monopolar forceps with hand-activation AND smoke extraction https://www.eurosurgical.co.uk/electrosurgery/macroseal-single-use-monopolar-tissue-sealing-forcep/

And Actiseal – Bipolar hand activated forceps with smoke extraction.