Treating Erectile Dysfunction By Vacuum Therapy

Using a vacuum tube is one of the earliest methods of treating erectile dysfunction of modern times which now includes Implants, drugs and injectable techniques. The concept of vacuum constriction is quite simple. By placing a tube over the flaccid penis and applying a suction source, swelling of the organ will result causing tumescence or swelling and rigidity mimicking the natural state. Using a tight constriction band or semi rigid ring placed at the base of the penis will maintain this status until the band or ring is released. The popular PosTvac Erectile Vacuum Pumps designs are the most modern and efficient vacuum systems on the medical market for both NHS patients via their General Practitioner and for Private patients directly from our website purchasing shop. VAT exemption can be claimed for patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. Vacuum Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction is safe, effective and totally reversible after removal of any constriction Ring or Band. Eurosurgical's trained staff will be only too pleased to answer any question or concerns that patients might have over the telephone or email. Much detail and an animated Video is available on our website

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