MEEK Grafting on Chronic Wounds

Chronic wounds in elderly patients presents a major challenge to the NHS in terms of cost, available treatment options and care.  Today, Consultant Plastic Surgeon Miss Tania Cubison with the aid and support of Eurosurgical, carried out the first surgical skin grafting procedure with MEEK Mesh Graft on a large lower limb chronic wound, under local anaesthetic. 

Many of these patients present with multiply medical condictions that often rule out treatment under a General Anaesthetic, but how do you take a large skin graft under local anaesthetic if the amount you need will also compromise the patients well being?   By using the unique MEEK Mesh Graft expansion gauzes, Miss Cubison was able to take a small and precise donor site Split Thickness Skin Graft (STSG) of 0,4mm thickness (half the thickness that is usually required with conventional grafting) and 84 x 42mm size.  This was expanded by means of the MEEK Mesh Graft System by a 4:1 ratio.   These two MEEK Mesh grafts provided enough autologous skin graft to cover not only the wound area, but also to recover the donor site.   This new method of treatment allows the for a thinner and smaller donor site, which is critical in patients with impaired healing AND full coverage of both the wound and donor site – all of this carried out under local anaesthetic. 

I will keep you informed on the success or outcome of this case and the series of these that are now underway at Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead.  For more information on the Humeca MEEK Mesh Graft System, please visit the Humeca page of this website.

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