Revolutionary improvements to surgical diathermy pencils

Electro-surgical cautery devices are commonly used in nearly every open surgical procedure throughout the world.  Using radio-frequency current to "heat" and coagulate tissues to control bleeding from capilary and larger vessels has been a common practice since William Bovie invented the first system in 1920.

Surgical smoke that is created by the burning of the tissues during the process of cautery is now a major concern of health and safety in the workplace – namely the operating theatres in hospitals.  Surgeons and all theatre practitioners that work in the operating theatre environment are subject to breasting in the plume and smoke generated by the cautery systems.

Although there have been numerous improvements and developments in cautery forceps and diathermy pencils, Eurosurgical are delighted to be at the for-front of a revolution of product design.  SuperVac diathermy pencil with smoke evacuation AND MacroSeal tissue sealing forceps with smoke evacuation and finger switch control are now here.  For more information please contact Eurosurgical or visit SuperVac

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