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SuperVac electro-surgical smoke evacuation extendable pencil


SuperVac Diathemy pencil with moving finger-switch

The monopolar diathermy pencil that surgeons and theatre staff have been waiting for is finally here. SuperVac is ergonomically designed, so that it is comfortable to hold, not bulky like many of the other smoke evacuation pencils. 

SuperVac is fitted with a non-stick coated blade OR a Cotswold guarded needle-point – that is clear and easy to see whilst operating which prevents accidental tissue damage.  SuperVac has a unique and patented design, that allows the surgeon to move the finger-switch control on the pencil. This allows for easy extension of the diathermy tip, without any loss of smoke evacuation suction (as the same tip is kept on for the entire surgery) OR loss of time, whilst changing over to an extension tip.

SuperVac is fitted with a standard 22mm smoke evacuation suction tubing and a standard 3 pinned diathermy active finger-switch.

Available now in these configurations;

PMS6300           SuperVac with non-stick Blade          Box of 20

PMS6301            SuperVac with Cotswold Needle   Box of 20

PMS6302            SuperVac Blank                             Box of 20

PMS6305            SuperVac guarded blade              Box of 20