New Reusable Patient Return Electrode Pad helps NHS with Carbon zero targets & TCO savings

Reusable Patient Return Electrode Pad

Eurosurgical introduces the OKLand reusable return electrode Diathermy Pad with pressure relieving gel, which provides many benefits over the standard disposable single-use patient return electrode sticky plates. These include:-

Okland Patient Return Pad v4

• Enhanced patient protection – safeguards against risk of return site burns
• Eliminates adhesive related injuries, particularly for patients with sensitive/fragile skin
• No hazard posed by jewellery, tattoos, piercings and implants
• No skin prep required and no shaving
• For use with patients of all sizes
• Reduced costs versus sticky pads plus associated consumables
• Reduced costs on waste removal
• TCO savings combined with Environmental benefits
• 2 year lifespan and is indemnified for 2 years

When carrying our a procedure with electrosurgery, the current flow is induced from the patient to the OKLand pad and therefore safely exits the current from the patient to prevent heat build-up under the pad and the possibility of a burn. The pressure reduction portion of the pad also helps to reduce the formation of pressure sores. The OKLand pad provides the convenience of a two-in-one product that gives peace of mind that the safest service and care possible is being provided.

This reusable technology can help to improve the environment as well as reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). It eliminates the huge expense incurred by throwing out sticky disposable plates as well as the consumables needed to prepare the placement site. Eliminating sticky pads, shavers, razor blades and sticky mitts will significantly reduce the volume of waste to be disposed of. With the national move to achieving a carbon net zero environment, this is a big step in the road for hospital targets.

Aside from the significant impact on the reduction in surgical waste, when comparing TCO costs it’s important to add up the cost of all your existing sticky disposable plates, disposable razors and the sticky mitts used to removed the shaved hair. Most hospitals easily make back the initial outlay within the first few months, after which time, the pad offers a huge TCO cost saving.

Okland Patient Return Pad surgery position guide

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