Eurosurgical feature on NHS Supply Chain Framework Agreements

Eurosurgical are a major supplier to the NHS for many years.  Many of our product lines are now available through NHS Supply Chain on are featured in several NHS Supply Chain Framework Agreements with many of our products having specific NPC (National Procurement Code) numbers.  The specific products and agreements are;

Lletz diathermy loops

FAG000017184 Obstetric, Maternity & Gynaecological Sundries

FAG000017450 Diathermy consumables and related accessories

FAG0000170058  Surgical implants for Men’s and Women’s health

FAG000017259  External Breast Prosthesis, Bra’s and associated consumables

2019/S231-565881  Surgical Mesh, Fixation device, stress incontinence and balking agents

2020/S170-412525  Minimally Invasive Surgery

In addition to these Framework agreements for NHS England, Eurosurgical are also suppliers and on framework agreements for NHS Scotland and NHS Wales for similar products as listed above.  Eurosurgical are delighted to be working with and a major supplier to the NHS, particularly in these difficult and uncertain times.  With changes to regulatory processes in CE Mark, and with the uncertainty surrounding the UKCA Mark and Brexit – it is vital that we work very closely with all our suppliers.  We aim to maintain sufficient stock levels at our offices in Guildford and to be able to supply UK Hospitals with quality products and a service and support from our excellent team of staff.   We have seen resent surges in demand in products that previously were not regular products featured in our range and have been able to supply on a same day delivery to hundreds of hospitals with these devices.

Our website features our wide and diverse range of products however if you would like more information or support, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly via our office sales and support



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