MEEK Micro-Grafting update

MEEK Micro-grafting is a widely accepted technique for controlled expansion of skin grafts.  A thin Spilt-thickness skin graft (STSG) measuring 42 x 42mm is harvested from the patient and placed through the MEEK system in order to create 196 small 3 x 3mm skin islands, that are stretched apart using the expanding mesh creating a mesh ratio from 2:1 to 9:1  in size.  The skin islands are "fixed" onto the nylon dressing and reapplied to the patients injury site. 

Meek expanded gauze, with 196 island grafts

Meek expanded gauze, with 196 island grafts

A recent published article in the Journal Burn Care Res 2016; 2016 reports of 10 burn patients with extensive full-thickness burn injuries (mean size 68% TBSA) that were successfully treated using the MEEK expansion in 1-2 theatre visits and using between 2.5 and 18% of donor site to complete there treatment.  All patients recovered well and were discharged from hospital with decreased length of stay.  The full article is well worth reading and shows just how far the Modern MEEK technique has come and how much this is now a vital technique for ALL burns centres.  More information can be found on the MEEK pages of our site MEEK or by contact Eurosurgical for more information.

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