Supervac Diathermy pencil, coming soon

Eurosurgical are pleased to announce that we will start selling the exciting new range of Diathermy (cautery) devices from Prima Medical in November.  Starting with Retract, a diathermy pencil, with cutting and coagulation buttons and a sharp Colorado type needle point, that can be retracted into the safe housing of the pencil, to prevent needle stick type injuries for both theatre staff and patients.

Supervac diathermy pencil

Supervac diathermy pencil

We shall shortly also release the very exciting and excellently designed, Supervac Pencil.  Smoke from operating theatre cautery systems have been shown to be harmful to the surgical teams and even the patient.  The use of the diathermy cautery device to control bleeding is essential in surgery, however the smoke generated by the modern diathermy systems and its use, particularly in open surgical procedures, can lead to the operating theatre environment being overwhelmed by surgical “smoke” – a biproduct of burning tissue.  Many systems for removing the smoke exist, however none compare to the proformance of Supervac.  With its unique design, this one pencil that requires no extension pieces, will solve the question of surgical smoke in the operating theatres, at once.   Call Eurosurgical for more details and a trial.



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