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Humeca MEEK System

The Humeca MEEK system is a unique and effective method to use very small areas of STGS to cover a large area. Expansion up to 9:1 is easier to achieve with this unique method of skin expansion. Whereas normal skin meshers expand a single sheet of autograft by creating horizontal holes into the graft, the MEEK system cuts 196 small island grafts from a single 42mmx42mm STSG. These small islands are expanded by a gauze that also serves to hold and fixated the graft onto the wound bed.

MEEK Features

  • Very small donorsites
  • Large expansion ratios (up to 1:9) possible
  • Any small skin fragments can be used; no long strips required
  • Graft islands are close together in a regular pattern, resulting in fast and uniform epithelialization
  • All graft islands are correctly orientated (dermal side down) on the wound bed, resulting in excellent graft take
  • Failure of a few islands does not affect the overall graft take
  • Actual expansion ratio equals theoretical expansion ratio
  • Cosmetic results are comparable with meshgrafts of a lower expansion
  • Grafts adhere to a fabric and are therefore very easy to manipulate when applying them to the wound

Meek double cutting block with cork boards

Meek cork board and gauze (un-expanded)

Meek expanded gauze, with 196 island grafts

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