Firm Up Sexual Erections

Stay-Erect B100 is an erection enhancement device which will allow men to maintain an erection.   It is great in conjunction with prescription drug treatments, such as Viagra or Cialis.   This system works well for those men who can achieve an erection, but need the help of an aid to sustain it.

Stay-Erect will also work well for premature ejaculation patients.

Many men have trouble maintaining adequate erections due to venous leakage.  In the normal erection process, blood is trapped in the penis allowing a man to sustain an erection long enough to complete successful intercourse.  In men with venous leakage, an erection may be achieved for a brief period of time, due to the leak, the erection subsides quickly and vaginal penetration is not possible.

Stay-Erect B100 will apply mild pressure to the base of the penis holding the blood in, so that erections are maintained comfortably.  The tension system may be kept in place for 30 minutes and patients have full control of their entire erection process.

The product is available from our website online shop at    Click on Medical- Sexual Health- Erectile Dysfunction.   Or call our Sales Office on 01483 456007

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