Bruise MD™

A New and clinically proven treatment for Bruises

Bruise MD™ rapidly improves the appearance of bruises post surgical procedures and injections (such as dermal fillers and botulinum toxins).  Bruise MD™ is a specific formulation containing glycerol which hydrates tissue and prevents bruising and also hydrates the skin cells which masks the bruise on the surface.  Post procedure or facial injection, immediately rub Bruise MD™ into the affected area.  Then apply twice a day for 5 days or until the bruise disappears.  For existing bruises, apply twice a day or five days, this should reduce both the appearance and severity of the bruise more quickly. 

Post-op care package of products offer, with Design Veronique garments, Silderm™ Scar gel and Bruise MD™

Available in a 30ml dispenser and also from our internet shop esshop