NEW Vibrasat Pro – Most Advanced Power Assisted Liposuction Device

  The ALL NEW Vibrasat Pro - Power Assisted Liposuction system is now available through Eurosurgical.  The NEW Vibrasat Pro delivers a reciprocating motion of 2,8mm at speeds of 3000-6000RPM with the new slim-line hand piece.  The hand piece also features a small on/off button, which when held pressed for 3 seconds - delivers a 1 minute "boost" of power, ideal for liposuction to the more fibrous areas of the body, such as gynaecomastia or brachioplasty.

A full range of single-use or reusable Vibrasat Pro cannula are now available with a “clip-lock” fitting to the hand piece.  A total of 11 cannula tip styles with widths from 2,5 – 5mm and lenghts from 150-350mm allow practitioners the full range of styles in modern liposuction.  The Vibrasat Pro hand piece which is now fully machine washable with a 3 meter cable has reduced vibration and is easy and comfortable to hold.  Vibrasat Pro can also be used for Body Contour procedures including Brazilian Butt Lift and the excellent range of Vibrasat Basket Cannula are ideal for tumescent irrigation through our Liposat Infiltration pump.

For more information visit  or contact our office for full customer service and sales support.  Please let us know if you are interested in a trial.

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