Rigenera – Micro Mesh Graft

Rigenera is an effective and clinically proven method used to obtain clinical grade micro-mesh grafts.  Rigenera is an exciting new sterile, single-use device that allows for the Micro-Meshing of human tissues, in a small closed, container, with only the addition of saline.  Every Rigenera kit has a grid of 100 hexagonal holes which are in proximity to the unique six micro-blades designed for efficient cutting of hard or soft tissues.  The Rigenera kit allows the simultaneous mechanical dissaggregation of a tissue sample (1mm² is sufficient to regenerate up to 2cm²).  The filtered cells below 80μ are collected in the bottom chamber ready for injection or spraying after only 1-5 minutes, dependent on the tissue type of the sample.

Rigenera Kit TS  2,5ml    Ref 79450S – for tissues samples up to 4mm²

Rigenera Kit OS  16,0ml   Ref 79555S – for tissue samples up to 50mm²

  • Rigenera Micro-Mesh can be used with Split-thickness skin grafts for burns and other large skin loss areas.
  • Rigenera Micro-Mesh for chronic wounds, including ulcers, diabetic and vascular wounds and excised skin cancers.  Punch biopsy of dermis (4mm) can be used and dis-aggregated by the Rigenera process, the collected cells can be injected at the margins or applied onto a re-vascularised collagen matrix, such as Pelnac , or mixed with A-PRF as a complete dressing.
  • Hair Restoration – hair follicles from prolific hair growing areas can be harvested and the cell suspension used to inject after micro-needling around hair follicles with slow or no growth.
  • In Regenerative medicine, cartilage or bone samples can be used to optimize cell growth in areas that require addition of cartilage or bone.