Osmed Tissue Expanders

Product Summary

Due to the increased demands and costs associated with Medical Device regulation, Osmed GmbH –  the company work manufactured the Osmed tissue expanders is now no longer in business.  We have a limited amount of stock remaining at our office in Guildford.

The Osmed tissue expander is a self-filling device consisting of an osmotic active hydrogel (vinylpyrrolidone and methylmethacrylate), a material also currently used in contact lenses. The material has been tested to be non-toxic without any systematic effects in several studies.

Once implanted, it absorbs body fluids, with leads to a gradual swelling of the device to a predetermined volume and size. The size of the initial expander is only about 10% of its final volume. The swelling results in the increase in skin volume gain. Osmotic expanders are temporary implants, which remain in the body from 10 days (defect coverage) up to 6 months(breast reconstruction).

The current Osmed tissue expander is contained in a silicone shell with an exact number and size of holes precisely controlling the expansion rate by slowing the absorption of body fluids. The swelling is gradual and gives the wound time to heal. It has been implanted in more than 1.000 cases. The indications for use are breast reconstruction (primary and secondary), breast anomalies (tubular breast), defect coverage (scars, skin tumors, alopecia, radial forearm flap).

Key Benefits

Different than conventional expanders, the osmotic expander is extremely small and easy to use. The product can be implanted with a very small incision and does not require subsequent injections for filling. This carries major benefits for the patient as well as the surgeon. It saves time for the doctor by not having to manually inflate the implanted expander, and it saves the patient the discomfort related to periodic large-volume expansion versus a slow, gradual, but constant expansion process.

Product Range

The Osmed expanders are available in Rectangle (30ml to 300ml)