MEEK Skin Graft Expansion Mesher

The MEEK skin-graft expansion system

is a unique and effective tool to treat patients with burns or chronic wounds.  MEEK works by cutting the harvested 42 x 42mm donor split-thickness skin graft into 196 individual squares of 3 x 3mm in size.  These small squares are then “fixed” onto an expandable nylon gauze to cover the wound area.

The MEEK system uses 13 power-driven cutting blades to make precise cuts into the skin-graft mounted onto a cork board, (see figure 1 below).  By turning the graft/cork board 90 degrees, the same blades make another 13 cuts into the same skin graft, so that in total, 196 small individual skin islands are prepared.

The prepared MEEK Skin graft is then fixed to the appropriate expansion ratio gauze by means of a skin-adhesive.   Depending on the size of the wound or skin loss area, skin expansion with REAL expansion values can be achieved.  This not only allows for great coverage of the wound in one single-surgical session, but reduced the amount of “donor” skin required.  MEEK expansion gauzes are available in a range of sizes (see figure 3).

1:2  MEEK Micro-gauzes with 1:2 expansion

1:3  MEEK Micro-gauzes with 1:3 expansion

1:4 MEEK Micro-gauzes with 1:4 expansion

1:6 MEEK Micro-gauzes with 1:6 expansion

1:9 MEEK Micro-gauzes with 1:9 expansion

MEEK Features


  • Small donor sites can be harvested, even under local anesthetic
  • Ideal for chronic wounds and patients with severe co-morbidities
  • MEEK expansion gauzes 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 6:1 and 9:1
  • Any small skin fragments can be used; no long strips required
  • Graft islands are close together in a regular pattern, resulting in fast and uniform epithelialization
  • All graft islands are correctly orientated (dermal side down) on the wound bed, resulting in excellent graft take
  • Failure of a few islands does not affect the overall graft take
  • Actual expansion ratio equals theoretical expansion ratio
  • Cosmetic results are comparable or better than with other Meshers of a lower expansion
  • Grafts adhere to a fabric and are therefore very easy to manipulate when applying them to the wound

Figure 1. Meek double cutting block with cork boards

Figure 2. Meek cork board and gauze (un-expanded)

Figure 3. Meek expanded gauze, with 196 island grafts


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Humeca MEEK System Brochure