Dermatome knives and Blades

Dermatomes for precise excision of donor skin for grafting are a commonly used surgical instrument in hospitals and clinics.

A wide range of hand held Dermatome knives are available from Eurosurgical supplied by Humeca BV – who are specialists in the manufacture of surgical equipment for burns treatment and other skin grafting requirements.

Dermatome handleSilver knifeHumby knifeWatson / Humby bladeSober knife

Made with high quality Japanese stainless stain and coated with an anti-corrosion aluminum layer, a full range dermatome knives and blades that can be adjusted for cutting depth from 0.02-1.2mm are available.  These include Watson, Cobbett, Humby knives at 16cm and in addition a Humby long at 22cm.

Left handed Watson knives are also available.

Silver and Goulian knives for smaller graft take or debribement of tissues are also available.

All Dermatome blades are provides sterile and single-use, double wrapped in safety card (to prevent accidental injury upon opening.  Dermatome blades are cost effective and are CE Marked.

Please contact Eurosurgical for more information.