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Humeca Dermatomes and Blades

D42 and D80 features

  • Extremely small head of D42 allows precision cutting, especially in problematic zones and paediatric surgery
  • Cordless, battery operated and lightweight design offers optimum manoeuvrability and mobility
  • Precise thickness of the graft from 0.0 to 1.2 mm (0.000 – 0.048″) in 0.1 mm (0.004″) increments
  • Graft width of 42 mm (1.65″) assures optimum performance in combination with the MEEK technique
  • The use of width-reducing clamps on the dermatome head allow cutting of smaller graft widths
  • Battery and motor of the instrument are not sterilized, thus guaranteeing optimum durability
  • Thickness adjustment can be fixed to prevent accidental change of graft thickness during cutting
  • Safe and quick blade replacement
  • Powerful Li-Ion batteries with no memory effect allow long time cutting without intermediate charging

Sober hand dermatome

The ability to cut a split-thickness skin graft free-handedly has been regarded as a skill acquired only by long experience. Several devices have been improvised to simplify this task. However, the size and elaborate arrangements of dermatomes often preclude their use, especially if the need is in an emergency room, a clinic or at the patient’s bedside. Besides sophisticated dermatomes are costly and more adequate for harvesting larger skin grafts.

The SOBER dermatome offers the surgeon a low-cost alternative to the more elaborate mechanical dermatomes, whenever small grafts are needed. The low price and robust, durable construction make the instrument a very suitable tool for use in third world countries and remote clinics.


D 80 Blade

Blade features

  • Precision facet grinded without burrs for durable performance.
  • Separately packed in a pouch with safety sleeve.
  • Radiation sterilized.
  • Supplied in boxes of 10 pcs.
  • Attractively priced.

Available for the following dermatomes:

  • Sober
  • Humeca D42 and D80
  • Aesculap / B Braun
  • Padgett
  • Zimmer (air and electric codes 8801 and 8821)