TIGR Mesh in pre-pectoral breast reconstruction

Pre-pectoral breast reconstruction with implants and ADM is being seen by many breast and plastic surgeons as a major step forward in the reconstruction of the breast following mastectomy.  The advantages for the patient are clear -  less surgical trauma, with no lifting of the pectoral muscle in order to place the implant results in less animation or movement of the implant post-operatively when the muscles are contracted.  The use of TIGR synethic mesh for pre-pectoral breast reconstruction has massive advantages over the current ADM's (Accelular Dermal Matrix) or other permanent meshes.  TIGR is the worlds first long-term resorbable synethic mesh, made from two well known suture materials, the first that resorbs quickly over 2-4 weeks that leaves space and encourages tissue ingrowth, the second that is strong for 9 months and disappears completely by 2 years, replaced by the patients own collagen scar tissues that act as the long-term support and additional tissues that are required to help support the implant.  Initial studies in Paris and the UK show encouraging signs for TIGR Mesh in pre-pectoral reconstruction, with very low complication rates and re-operation required.  For more information contact Eurosurgical or visit TIGR matrix