Silimed / Sientra 5 year follow-up data published

Good prospective clinical data is the gold standard for all medical devices.  Unfortunately very few exist when the subject is breast implants.  The FDA PMA study data for the Silimed / Sientra breast implants has been published in the October issue of the American Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery.  The Silimed implants were approved in March 2012, the first (and only) FDA approved round and anatomical implants.  The 10 years study which is underway in 36 centre's in the USA with the Silimed implants reports its first Five-Year data and makes very interesting reading.  For the first time in the USA and over 5 years, the publication shows prospective data that clearly demonstrates a reduction in capsular contracture with textured surface Silimed breast implants vs. smooth surface implants - from 10% (with smooth) to 3% (with textured).  Whether this reduction continues over the 10 years of the study will be seen.  The study also shows a link between surgical technique and common complication rates, such as capsular contraction and implant shell rupture.  This is something that has long been known about in this industry, but not usually reported.  Eurosurgical are pleased to able to supply the Silimed range of breast implants throughout the UK and Ireland - which remain the only FDA approved textured and smooth implants in round and anatomical available for purchase in Europe.