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Pos-T-Vac Background Info

Treating Erectile Impotence

There are now many ways to treat impotence, but the oldest method is by vacuum constriction and its basic design was first patented in 1917 by Dr Otto Lederer and numerous patents for modifications have been issued since in the USA and Europe.

The concept of the Vacuum Constriction Device (VCD) is simple. If vacuum is applied to the flaccid penis for a few minutes the result will be enlargement (tumescence) and increased length and rigidity mimicking the natural state, although increased girth and length beyond the natural state are known effects of consistent use of vacuum pumps.

Practice Engorgement to learn how much Vacuum to use and size Adaptor Sleeve

Preserve Ring has been transferred to Penis

A constriction band placed at the base of the penis will cause tumescence and rigidity to persist after the vacuum device is removed. In practice the penis can be made rigid enough for vaginal penetration. The constriction device will
maintain this rigidity without harming the penis.

The tumescence or increase comes about as the arteries are stretched to accommodate the extra inflow of blood. In a study published in the British journal of Urology Turkish researchers found that 88% of men who had impotence caused by narrowing arteries and who used a VCD for about a year noticed an increase in their capacity for spontaneous erection. In other words, by using the device regularly, these men improved their functioning while not pumping, reversing the natural ageing process of the penile arteries, and one out of ten were actually cured by using the vacuum pump.


Whilst the use of the VCD mimics a normal erection in that the penis can be used for sexual intercourse, changes in the blood flow of the constricted penis beyond the constriction band will cause a drop in skin temperature, a cyanotic or bluing appearance and distension of the superficial veins. Pos-T-Vac VCD systems have a safety valve to limit the vacuum drawn to a safe clinical level, and provided that the constriction band is not left on for more than thirty minutes no major complication or injuries have been reported.

Some bruising, ecchymosis and haematomas may occur especially if a man is taking aspirin or other blood thinning drug. These are usually painless and disappear within forty-eight hours. Patients taking blood thinning drugs are advised to use lower vacuum pressures and start slowly. Pos-T-Vac VCD systems are available with a safety gauge manometer for lower control, upon application.

Options Available

Today there are many treatments available for men suffering from erectile impotence:

  • Prescribe Medication
  • Penile injection of drugs
  • Penile implants
  • Vacuum Constriction Device
  • Penile vascular surgery

Vacuum Constriction Device

Vacuum therapy using the Pos-T-Vac system is non-invasive, and the VCD is clinically reversible. In a report published in Men’s Confidential the POS-T-VAC model MVP-700 was rated highest due to its ease of pumping and high quality vacuum.

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