Rigenera Micro-Mesh grafts

Eurosurgical have launched an exciting new product called Rigenera as exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland.  Rigenera is a small sterile single-use device in two sizes, 3ml and 16ml which facilitates the  Micro-Mesh of human tissues, without the use of any addition of chemicals.

Rigenera contains precise cutting blades on top of a micro-mesh /filter that desiccates tissues to small pieces and only allows cells of below 100 microns to pass through the mesh to the separate container below.  The invention of Human Brain Wave, a company formed from the University of Turin, Italy, Rigenera is unique in that this entire process is self contained in the the small device and requires NO other chemicals in it process to isolate small cells – only a small amount of saline solution.  Studies have shown that tissues, such as skin, hair follicles, cartilage, bone, mucus and fat can all be processed through Rigenera to provide an injectable to spray on concentration of tissue cells below 100μ

For more information contact sales@eurosurgical.co.uk