Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is at the forefront of advances in bioengineering human medical treatments.  Using autologous tissues to regenerate or repair human tissues that are either damaged, injured or have reduced function – rather than replacement with artificial, xeno-origin or donor materials.

To this end, Eurosurgical offers a wide range of new devices that are making Regenerative Medicine the future – today.  We have researched the sector and selected a range of researched and validated, sterile single-use devices, easy to use, closed systems that allow simple preparation of all human tissues from autologous source, prepared for re-introduction to the patient.  These include;

Lipocube and Nanocube SVF Micro-fat grafting kits – Adipose derived stromal vascular fraction cells with potential tissue regenerative activity are now available without the need to use enzymatic digestion and a laboratory – which is both expensive and time consuming.   The Lipocube SVF kit comprises of everything required to produce adipose derived SVF in a kit (“lab in a box”) in the operating theatre in approx. 20-30 minutes.   More details can be found at our Lipocube webpage.

i-PRF (injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin) – liquid formulation of platelet rich fibrin (PRF) without the use of anti-coagulants are an exciting new opportunity and an excellent method for significantly higher long term release of growth factors, when compared to platelet rich plasma (PRP).  The Choukroun i-PRF protocol uses a pre-set validated centrifuge with setting for male and female patients.  Used in conjunction with the plastic i-PRF tubes for aesthetic & orthopedic (sterile) injections.  Contact Eurosurgical for more information and prices.

Rigenera™ – is a Micro-Meshing device that can be used to disaggregate human tissues by mechanical means with NO use of additional chemicals (such as Trypsin) so that the tissues can be applied back to the patient directly.  Preparation time is 10-15 minutes using a hand held SicurDrill™ and the appropriately sized Rigenera device.  Rigenera for dermal and epidermal skin-grafts can be used to “spray” harvested autologous skin graft that are meshed at a ratio of 1:100 onto prepared wound beds, such as burns, scolds, revascularized dermal substitutes, wounds debrided by chemical enzymatic digestion, skin cancer excised wounds etc – without the need to harvest large patient donor sites with all its increased morbidity.  Rigenera is an affordable and safe method to harvest micro-mesh even in an outpatient setting.