Vibrasat Pro – Ultimate Power Assisted Liposuction System

Power Assisted Liposuction System

Introducing the NEW Liposat Workstation – the only CE Marked devices for Liposuction and fat grafting.  Liposat Workstation includes; Vibrasat Pro – Power Assisted Liposuction hand piece and console.  Vacusat high-flow aspiration pump with 2 x 3 litre fat harvest canisters.  Liposat Pro Plus, tumescent irrigation pump for fluid AND fat placement to the body.  Thermo plate Plus, designed to keep your tumescent IV fluids or your harvested lipo-aspirates at the correct body temperature.  This is the ultimate complete Liposuction and Fat grafting system for all aspiring cosmetic and aesthetic surgeons.

Liposuction can be hard work!  Or a good workout for the surgeon, however this doesn’t need to be the case. Möller Medical, a leading German engineering company and manufacturer of medical devices, including Irrigation pumps, cannula and tubing, have designed an excellent complete Liposuction system, called Liposat.  This includes a high powered Aspiration system which is quiet running and can be finely adjusted; a variable flow Infiltration system for rapid infusion of tumescent fluids with additional heating plates to warm the tumescent solution;  and the NEW Vibrasat Pro, the reciprocating hand piece liposuction system to assist the surgeon with, and improve aspiration of fat even in difficult and fibrous areas, such as Lypoma and gynaecomastia.

Liposat workstation complete liposuction experience

The Liposat complete system for Liposuction consists of all the components pictured above.  The main body of this is the Vacusat high powered aspiration pump, with two 3 liter suction containers and a change over value. The Vacusat aspiration pump can be controlled by either the foot pedal or the on/off switch in the unit. Suction pressure can reach -95kPa or 700mm Hg very quickly and almost silent.

The Liposat power tumescent infiltration pump is designed for rapid infusion of tumescent fluids prior to Liposuction.  The fluid flow rate can be adjusted from 0ml-300ml per minute and pre-set fluid rates can be programmed into the control panel, that allows the operator to control the amount of fluid infused for each area of the body. Optional fluid warming plates can be attached to the Liposuction system and the Liposat power can be controlled by foot pedal for greater control by the surgeon.

The  NEW Vibrasat Pro or the original Vibrasat Power are reciprocating Power Assisted Liposuction systems (shown on the top right of this picture) has a range from 3000-6000 RPM adjustable either via the foot-pedal or on the hand piece.  The Vibrasat Pro liposuction cannula moves by reciprocation movement 2,8mm aiding the movement of the cannula and assisting in the breakdown of fat and fibrous tissues.  The NEW  Vibrasat Pro can also be used for Tumescent irrigation prior to Liposuction via the Liposat Infiltration pump and the Vibrasat Hand piece.  The single-use liposuction cannula are fitted easily by a “clip-lock” onto the Hand-grip (as shown above top).  A wide range of cannula are available with a variety of tip styles, width and length.  A single-use non-collapsible tubing is fitted from the cannula to the suction canisters.

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Dr Stefano Cotrufo, MD, PhD, EBOPRAS, has been using Vibrasat since its first generation and he is following the evolution of our technology through its second generation. Dr Cotrufo commented: “Separation and equalization represent essential steps in body sculpting in order to achieve dramatic volume reduction and with minimal or no irregularities at all. Vibrasat proved to be so effective in achieving consistently outstanding results to deserve my admiration and respect. There are no financial interest to declare, it is simply the evidence from my own patients”.

The entire Liposat Liposuction system can be purchased as a whole OR in parts, depending on your needs and your existing equipment.

Please contact Eurosurgical to arrange to speak to your local area representative, or to arrange for a demonstration.

Download: Moller Medical Liposuction systems 2019 here;
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