Aspiration pump for liposuction and Fat grafting procedures.

Eurosurgical Ltd supplies a wide range of equipment associated with liposuction, including accessories for Tumesent fluid infiltration,  liposuction, fat harvesting and lipo-modeling / fat grafting.  With a range of capital equipment, including high powered electrical aspiration/suction pump, the Liposat complete Liposuction system which includes suction, infiltration and PAL console on one free standing platform.  All can used with either single-use suction cannulae or reusable.

Other liposuction accessories include;

Non-collaspable liposuction tubing,  high-Vac suction liners (bags) in 1,2 and 3 litres options, with bottle lid and bacterial filters. Suction bottles, clamps, filters and all tubing supplied.

Aspiration Pump

CA.MI Hospivac 400

The CA.MI Hospivac 400 high powered aspiration pump is an electrical driven, stand alone, variable flow, fast and effective aspiration/ suction pump specifically designed for liposuction and others clinical procedures that require fast or large fluid aspiration.  Available with 2 suction canisters with an internal change over valve, available in 1, 2 or 3 litre bottles and single-use suction liners.  Hospivac 400 has a variable flow dial that can control the aspiration pressure and allow for continuous suction at fixed pressure levels.   The Hi-Flow suction liners are fixed with a strong lid that also contains a bacterial and over-flow filter, which reduces the chance of fluid contamination.  The addition of two overflow bottles also helps eliminate the chances of contamination to the internal pump and tubing of the CA.MI Hospivac pump.  Warrantied for 2 years, the CA.MI Hospivac 400 is a low maintainence and low cost affordable aspiration pump.

Two-year warranty.