LipiVage® Fat Harvest, Wash & Transfer Systems

Your patient’s fat is the only all-natural, permanent filler… Why use anything else?

LipiVage® Fat Harvest, Wash & Transfer System is a patented disposable, medical device created to make fat harvesting procedures simpler for the physician and their staff, and to satisfy the need for an office-based technique. LipiVage® improves upon traditional fat transfer methods. There is no longer a need to centrifuge, decant or expose fat cells to unnecessary handling. LipiVage® provides the physician with a simple to use tool that helps to ensure a lasting result. LipiVage® is gentle on cells, time saving, and simple to use.

Now available High Volume 60ml syringe
  • Order Code D11-0290-108   60ml Lipivage syringe
  • Order Code D11-0290-109   60ml Lipivage syringe with fat harvesting cannula


Suggested cannula to order with Lipivage 108; PICK3158 a 3,5mm x 180mm cannula with 5 distal tip side holes.
Alternatively, CP122007H a 2,8mm x 200mm 7 hole cannula or CP123007H, a 2,8mm x 300mm 7 hole cannula.

LipiVage® is designed to yield better fat harvesting results over traditional fat transfer harvesting methods by reducing and/or eliminating:

  • High Vacuum & Pressure Levels
  • The Time Fat is Outside the Body
  • The Number of Transfers
  • G-Forces of Centrifuging
  • Over-Handling of Fat Cells
  • Risk of Infection
  • Trauma to Fat Cells

How the LipiVage® Fat Harvest, Wash & Transfer System Works:

The innovative device harvests autologous fat cells at a low vacuum level significantly gentler than current methods. Fat cells collect in the patent-pending harvester, a sterile filtration chamber enclosed within the LipiVage® device. Once inside, the fat is gently cleaned and concentrated by the low vacuum and filter. Unwanted fluids pass through the fat and filter, and out into an attached waste canister. The end result yields intact, viable, concentrated fat cells, immediately ready for re-injection.

LipiVage® Prepares Fat Cells for Lasting Results:

  • Disposable Filtration Device
  • Closed Sterile System
  • Eliminates Centrifuging
  • No More Waiting and Decanting
  • Yields Viable, Clean Fat Cells
  • Concentrates Fat, Ready for Transfer

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