ELLEVATE™ Neck Defining Suture Webinar


Ellevate™ is an advanced Minimally Invasive solution for Lower face, jawline and neck rejuvenation.  Using the lighted suture rod and ICLED light source, the Ellevate suture can be easily placed around the suspension ligaments around the neck and jaw to create a new and defined neck and to deal with neck bands and glands.

On Saturday 11th May 2019, Dr Greg Muller MD presented the Ellevate technique to a world-wide audience via a live webinar, with a presentation of the device, detailing the surgical technique and finally answering questions from the attendees. You now have an excellent opportunity to watch this unique webinar at anytime.

Learn about this minimally invasive neck refinement and rejuvenation procedure that addresses the muscle bands and glands from its inventor, Dr Gregory Mueller M.D., FAC


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