New RetraLight NON-TOOTHED Breast retractor

RetraLight LED Breast Retractor  RetraLight is a sterile, single-use breast retractor with a bright LED light and smoke /suction channel, ideal for breast surgery and surgery where accessible light is limited and an external light is required.  RetraLight is now available with a smooth curved matt black surface (to reduce glare), with a blade length of 14.5cm and 3cm width in both a TOOTHED and NON-TOOTHED blade tip.

RetraLight LED Breast Retractor

The Non-toothed blade is ideal for all breast procedures pre-pectoral, where damage to the over-lying flap or when using a breast implant is essential to avoid.  The RetraLight TOOTHED version is ideal for sub-muscular breast surgery to aid in the prevention of movement of the muscle during surgery.  The LED light has a running time of 3-4 hours continuous use, and can be easily switched “on/off” from the button located on the top of the handle of the Retractor (near the suction port).  The batteries are housed in the handle and are easy to remove from the device prior to disposal – this being a major advantage for re-cycling and disposal of the batteries.

RetraLight is a very cost effective single-use device and requires no additional light source or fibre-optic light cable, which not only reduces the capital costs but allows the surgeon freedom to move around the operating table without attachments.

Order Ref RL4000  RetraLight TOOTHED Box of 12

Order Ref RL4001 RetraLight NON-TOOTHED Box of 12

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