Liposat Power Driven Reciprocating Liposuction

[caption id="attachment_1757" align="alignnone" width="150"]Liposat complete system Liposat complete system[/caption]

Liposuction is a growing and popular cosmetic procedure throughout the UK.  It is also commonly used as part of transfer of fat tissue to correct contour deformities, such as an adjunct to breast reconstruction.  The new Liposat Liposuction system offers the latest state of art to the practitioner of Liposuction.  A powerful aspiration pump with two 3 liter canisters, with a Tumescent fluid irrigation pump, with variable flow rates and pre-set fluid volumes, along side the Vibrasat system.  This complete kit is a must for all serious suckers and hospitals offering these procedures.  Full description at Liposat Eurosurgical

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