Keeping Dry with Circlamp


A common problem for many men is the loss of urine before or after emptying the bladder commonly called “Dribble Incontinence”

It is often more of an inconvenience or nuisance than indicating an underlying medical condition, although ageing progress, post prostatic surgery, excessive alcohol and drugs will exacerbate the condition.

Kegal exercise (tightening and relaxing of the Pelvic floor muscles) can improve bladder and rectal muscle tone by helping to alleviate dribble incontinence.

However, the CirClamp device is a comfortable penile clamp which closes around the penis with an occluding spring pad providing a pressure to the post-urethral area, thereby holding back urine dribble until released.

CIRCLAMP is available from our On-Line shop at click on Medical/Sexual Health or call our Sales Office on 01483 456007

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